09_18 Big changes for automotive manufacturers

From September 1, the current laboratory measurement procedure NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) has been replaced by WLTP (World Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

As a result, tests that are more similar to real road conditions, fuel consumption and exhaust emission parameters and other data provided by manufacturers will be even closer to actual combustion while driving. According to the new regulation of the European Commission from September 1 this year, cars introduced on the market must comply with the Euro 6c standard and be tested according to the WLTP procedure, which refers to the measurement of CO2 emissions and pollutants from passenger cars and vans as well as fuel consumption in more realistic road conditions. Jakub Faryś, president of the Polish Automotive Industry Association, points out that the need to change the measurement method has been signalised for a long time by the European Association of Vehicle Manufacturers- ACEA. The previous test was a laboratory test, that the conditions of which were determined many years ago. It was not possible to obtain such values in it that result from road driving, where the situation is constantly changing. Obviously, the new rules of measurement are also laboratory, but much more similar to the actual driving conditions. They will not make cars more economical, but the fuel consumption and emissions indicated in the owner's manual will be closer to reality.
ACEA on behalf of vehicle manufacturers is committed to follow-up with the European Commission and other interested parties to help improve the current regulation, if necessary. After proper assessment of the solutions proposed in the joint list of commissioners of Cañete and Bieńkowska, ACEA is ready to support their practical implementation in the most effective and pragmatic way.