09_18 2018 Wrenches of Quality and Great Dealership Test awards presented

Wrenches of Quality  – awards for the best customer service rendered at dealership garages according to Kantar Garage Quality Check 2018 were presented on the 20th of March 2018, during an event entitled Turbocharging. A new power for the automotive industry., or the sixth edition of Kantar Automotive’s annual conference. Awards for the best results in this year’s edition of the Great Dealership Test , a study conducted in cooperation with the Auto Bild magazine, were also presented at the event.
This year’s conference marks the inauguration of the new Kantar Automotive team, which brings together the experience, research potential, and technological resources of three Kantar companies: Kantar TNS, Kantar Millward Brown, and Kantar Media.

The Kantar Garage Quality Check 2018 is an independent Dealership Garage Customer Service Quality Audit, carried out by the Kantar Automotive research team. It is the only study of this kind available on the Polish market that is carried out on such an extensive scale, and providing such a detailed description of the aftersales area and the customer service standards in place there.
This year, the Wrenches of Quality have been presented for the sixth time, with the premium brands category prize awarded for the fourth time. The awards were presented by Karolina Wetoszka and Michał Roszkowski, Kantar Automotive heads.
As had been the case in the previous year, the Golden Wrench of Quality was awarded to Renault. Tomasz Latała-Golisz, Renault Polska’s Executive Director, accepted the award on behalf of the brand. The second place in the ranking of best customer service rendered at dealership garages went once again to Peugeot, with the Silver Wrench of Quality 2018 accepted by Piotr Karaszewicz,  Spare Parts and Technical Service Director at PSA. Norbert Rachuba, Aftersales Network Manager at Skoda, accepted the award for the third place on behalf of the Skoda brand.
In the Premium Brands category, the award went to BMW, with Mateusz Iwański, the brand’s Aftersales Area Manager accepting the commendation.
“I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to all Wrench of Quality 2018 winners. We are glad to see that the awards provide an opportunity to express appreciation for the brands and their dealership for their efforts in improving customer service standards at their official garages. This year, congratulations are due to virtually all of the brands participating in the project, as a clear improvement can be seen in the level of compliance with the standards that we track, across the entire market. Once again, please accept our sincere congratulations, and the best of luck to you in the subsequent editions of the event", said Michał Roszkowski, Senior Head of Automotive, Kantar Polska.

Winners of the 2018 Wrenches of Quality awards

Awards for winners of this year’s Great Dealership Test study conducted in cooperation with the Auto Bild magazine were also presented during the conference. The awards in this category were handed out by Stanisław Sewastianowicz, Editor in Chief of the Polish edition of Auto Bild, and Michał Roszkowski, Senior Head of Automotive, Kantar Polska.
The first place in the popular brands category was awarded to Peugeot. Paweł Gawryluk, Peugeot’s CEO for Poland, accepted the award. Executive Director Tomasz Latała-Golisz accepted the second-place award on behalf of Renault. The third place went to Mazda, with the award accepted by Jacek Kruszewski, Customer Experience Manager at Mazda Logistics Europe, Polish Branch.
The award in the premium brands category went to BMW and Klaudia Kożuchowska, Project Manager Sales Channel Development, accepted it on behalf of the brand.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Great Dealership Test  2018 award winner