02_18_TNS Consumer Index_ New highs in optimism are getting increasingly difficult to reach

For almost a year, optimists outweighed pessimists in the Polish society, and the TNS Consumer Index followed a growth trend. However this several-months-long rise in optimism has lost its momentum, with the February TNS Consumer Index measurement providing another confirmation of this status quo.  A strong impact of short-term and seasonal factors has effectively ended this growth trend, with the TNS Consumer Index currently at 5.6 p.

However, new record highs in optimism are going to be increasingly harder to reach. Favourable views on the changes in the economic situation of the country and households are not widespread in the Polish society, with the shifts in opinion (resulting from current events) being rather substantial. In February, consumers with secondary and higher education tended to be more critical of the situation in the country. Furthermore, there has been a new wave of critical opinions among consumers over the age of 40 and consumers living in cities.

There is also a visibly growing group of consumers who notice the fact that there are no new developments despite a substantial improvement in economic circumstances according to media coverage, improved situation on the job market, and favourable conditions on the investment and real estate markets. This indicates that factors that used to have a motivating effect no longer impact the views of some of the consumers, with a part of the population considering the economic changes as a normal situation, whereas others have not yet experienced them in their own wallets, pay level or employment stability.

Marcin Idzik

Associate Director