About us

Polish Automotive Industry Association is the biggest Polish organization of automotive industry employers. PZPM associate 56 companies; representatives of producers and manufacturers of vehicles: buses, trucks, cars,  motorcycles, mopeds and body manufacturers in Poland.

Polish Automotive Industry Association represents interests of associated companies vis-à-vis public authorities, regulatory bodies and other NGO organizations.  

Sharing common opinion that the automotive industry is “the engine of national economy”, Polish Automotive Industry Association initiates legislative procedures and gives its opinion on legal acts and regulations due to develop, improve and promote national automotive sector.

As a member of ACEA (the European Automobile Manufacturers Association), ACEM (The Motorcycle Industry in Europe) and CLCCR (International Association of the Body and Trailer Building Industry), PZPM is represented to the EU Institutions in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Polish Automotive Industry Association works in partnership with other national and overseas organizations due to create joint platform of co-operation and integration of the automotive industry key players.