03_18 Our life is getting better

How nowadays looks like the quality of life among Europeans? How do Poles assess the quality of their lives? The Eurofound European Quality of Life Survey (EQLS) provides us with answers to both questions and many other important issues. In the years 2016-2017, the fourth edition of the survey was conducted in cooperation with survey Agency Kantar Public, and results provides us the opportunity to analyze the objective circumstances of today's Europeans lives and how they perceive the quality of their own lives and the environment in which they’re living.

Over the years, we better and better perceived the quality of our lives. Felling of happiness and life

Satisfaction increased (mean results in 2011 - 7.3, in 2016 - 7.5) and Poles are one of the countries on top in Europe when it comes to an optimistic view of the future. We are convinced that our life will better, what’s more our children's future is even better than our own (71% Poles are optimistic about their future and 77% are optimistic about the future of their children). We are living better and better, material living conditions also improved, thus the assessment of our standard of living is constantly increasing (mean results in 2003 - 5.2, in 2016 - 6.7).

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Sylwia Bąba

Senior Research Executive at Kantar Public, Kantar TNS