02_18 Webinar: New anti-corruption obligations – how to prepare for the upcoming changes

15 March 2018, 10.00–11.00 The draft law on public life transparency will impose new anti-corruption obligations on Polish entrepreneurs

The public life transparency law is an initiative that will affect many Polish companies. The main purpose of the proposed regulation is to enhance transparency in the public sphere and to prevent corruption in Poland by providing a structured framework for existing solutions and introducing new ones, which are modelled on Western legal systems. The proposed changes are aimed at supporting compliance-related activities. Only effective solutions will count, while fictitious initiatives or any negligence in ensuring compliance with anti-corruption standards will be penalised. In order to meet these requirements, entrepreneurs will have to make a considerable effort.  However, the anticipated benefits may significantly enhance the transparency and quality of management processes, both in the public and the private sphere. To help entrepreneurs who want to find out more about the practical aspects of implementing an anti-corruption programme, we have prepared a webinar during which we will share our experiences from projects implemented in this area.

During the webinar, we will discuss the following topics related to implementing an anti-corruption programme:

  • Key requirements of the draft law and their impact on the operations of Polish entrepreneurs
  • The optimum approach to assessing an organisation’s anti-corruption maturity
  • Practical implementation of anti-corruption measures and the key challenges of every stage
  • Real examples of projects we have implemented
  • Technologies to support the implementation of an anti-corruption programme
  • Methods to ensure the effectiveness of solutions implemented

 The webinar will be conducted by:

  • Marcin Klimczak, Partner, Forensic Services and Fraud Risk Management Team
  • Angelika Ciastek-Zyska, Manager, Legal Advisor, Forensic Services and Fraud Risk Management Team
  • Adam Kowalczyk, Head of Litigation & Regulatory Disputes, Attorney-at-law, PwC Legal