06_18 Remote labor market and employee expectations 2018

The role of research agencies is to “keep up to date”, and to monitor consumer trends on the market. One of the current hot topics is the so-called Consumer Awakening, with consumers setting demands for brands, and expecting companies to follow their lifestyle and aspirations, not the other way around.

The study that we conducted in cooperation with Remote-How has confirmed that a similar phenomenon can be observed in relationships between employees and employers.  Employees want to play a causative part in the company's structure, by impacting where, how, and how much they work. They expect their employers to understand them, and are willing to offer higher effectiveness and engagement in return.

Over half of all employed consumers declare that given a choice they would prefer at least a partially flexible working arrangement. At the same time, 6 in 10 of us are interested in working remotely, although only a minority are able to do so.

Employee benefits are changing as well. Private health insurance is still immensely important to employees, but other “classic items” such as the Multisport gym membership, corporate retreats, or cultural subsidies no longer guarantee that the employee will think kindly of their company. Looking to acquire the best and loyal employees, companies need to become open to a flexible model of cooperation, and to increasingly often actively touch upon this subject during recruitment interviews.

The job market decidedly needs to respond to the need for flexible employment arrangements that employees voice. We also hope that our report is going to serve as a guideline for you on how to approach this challenge.

Details of the project can be found in the report for download here: https://remote-future.com/praca-zdalna/


Konrad Siwiński, Strategic Account Manager