eRegistrations - PZPM report on first registrations of new vehicles powered by alternative fuels in September 2023

We are pleased to announce  a monthly press release entitled "eRegistrations" on the first registrations of new vehicles with alternative fuels as for September 2023.
The publication contains a detailed analysis of the first registrations of passenger cars, vans up to 3.5 t, trucks over 3.5 t, buses, motorcycles and mopeds, as well as up-to-date information on CNG and LNG charging and refueling infrastructure.
The analysis was prepared by PZPM based on the Central Vehicle Register (KPRM/MC) and EIPA.  Overview

Registrations of new CV and BUS over 3.5t in November 2023

New registrations for Commercial Vehicles over 3.5t (CV and BUS)
2023r. November: -18,4%, January-November : +4,9%  

Reports are prepared by PZPM based on Central Register of Vehicles (CEP) - Ministry of Digital Affairs
overview of current registrations

Registrations of new PC and LCV in November 2023

Registrations 2023: November +18,7% y/y; January-November +11,8%y/y

Data are prepared by PZPM based on the Central Register of Vehicles (CEP) - Ministry of Digital Affairs
Overview of current registrations

New Challenges'24 7.12.2023

We would like to invite you to participate in the "New Challenges'24" conference, which will take place on 7 December 2023 (9:00 a.m.) at the Novotel Centrum Hotel in Katowice.
At 9:20 a.m. - Jakub Faryś, President of the Polish Automotive Industry Association (PZPM), will try to answer questions bothering everyone interested in the automotive industry.
Whether road transport in the future will be powered only by electricity and hydrogen? Would one of these fuels win out, or will they be complementary? Or perhaps there are other options for 'greening transport'?
Participation in the event is free of charge
The Conference programme includes:
▪ thematic block - "Green Challenge'24
▪ panel discussions on the "green revolution
▪ News and changes to be " brought about" for managers of the transport, forwarding and logistics industry by both Polish and EU legislators
▪ upcoming legal and financial changes