07/16 ACEA educates about CO2 emissions

Issue regarding CO2 emissions from cars still arouses a lot of emotion. To give a reliable knowledge of the subject, ACEA launched a  webpage: www.CarEmissionsTestingFacts.eu  provides a fact-based overview on everything related to the testing of car emissions in Europe.
 The website aims at answering common questions, like what emissions are, how they are measured and the progress that has been made reducing them, as well as many other questions. Based on facts, this website also wants to inform the reader correctly and address common misconceptions about the car industry and emissions.

  • What car emissions are being tested?

Car emission tests examine two main types of emissions from your car: CO2 and pollutant emissions, such as NOx and particles. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/emissions-tested/  

  • NEDC: how do lab tests for cars work?

The current lab test, known as the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), measures CO2 and pollutant emissions against EU regulations. The standardised testing procedure allows comparison of emissions between different car models. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/nedc-how-do-lab-tests-work/   

  •  WLTP: how will lab tests for cars work in the future?

The EU is finalising a new car emission test, the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure. With WLTP, testing will become much more realistic than the current one. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/wltp-how-will-lab-tests-work-in-future/

  •  Why are there differences between lab tests and real world emissions?

There are many variables affecting real-world driving emissions produced by a car on the road, which simply cannot be taken into consideration in lab tests. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/difference-between-lab-tests-real-world-emissions/   

  •  What progress has been made in reducing emissions?

Thanks to major technological advancements, both emissions of CO2 and pollutants from cars have been significantly reduced, with that reducing the overall impact of road transport on the environment. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/progress-in-reducing-emissions/    

  •  RDE: What is the Real Driving Emissions test?

RDE tests will measure pollutants, such as NOx, emitted by cars while driven on the road. RDE will not replace laboratory tests, such as NEDC and WLTP, but it will be additional to them. Learn more on: http://www.caremissionstestingfacts.eu/rde-real-driving-emissions-test/