PZPM - ACEA - EU - LCV, CV , BUS Registrations in March' 2021

Commercial vehicle registrations: +21.6% first quarter of 2021; +95.3% in March

Total new commercial vehicles
In April 2021, the EU commercial vehicle market recorded an accelerated increase in new registrations of 179.2%, totalling 171,283 units. Last year’s very low sales base was the main reason behind this growth, as April 2020 was the first full month with coronavirus restrictions in place. As a result, many triple‐digit percentage gains were posted across the region last month, including three of the four key markets: Italy (+642.3%), Spain (+547.3%) and France (+412.9%). With a 60.0%
increase Germany also made a sizeable contribution to the EU’s overall performance.
Four months into 2021, demand for new commercial vehicles in the European Union expanded by 42.1%. Boosted by positive March and April results, total registrations reached 673,179 units so far this year. All key markets consolidated their year‐to‐date performances: Italy posted the highest percentage increase (+75.1%), followed by France (+62.9%), Spain (+43.8%) and Germany (+15.1%).


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