PZPM - ACEA - EU - LCV, CV , BUS Registrations in Decemberr' 2021

Commercial vehicle registrations: +9.6% in 2021; -8.4% in December
In December, the EU commercial vehicle market contracted again, marking the sixth consecutive month of decline. Demand fell by 8.4% to 155,963 units, mainly due to a drop in new van sales. In fact, registrations of trucks and buses actually improved compared to December 2020. The region’s four major markets all posted drops, with the sharpest seen in Spain (-31.9%).
Overall in 2021 , commercial vehicle registrations in the European Union increased by 9.6% to reach 1,880,682 units, largely thanks to the low base recorded during the first half of 2020. Nevertheless, this full-year result remains far below the 2.1 million units registered in 2019, the year before the pandemic. With the exception of Spain (-2.8%), all major EU markets posted growth last year. Italy saw the highest percentage gain (+15.5%) followed by France (+7.8%), while registrations increased by only a modest 0.6% in Germany.


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