PZPM - ACEA - EU - LCV, CV , BUS Registrations in March' 2021

Commercial vehicle registrations: +21.6% first quarter of 2021; +95.3% in March

Total new commercial vehicles
In March 2021, new commercial vehicle registrations in the European Union jumped by 95.3% (primarily due to last year’s low base of comparison) to reach 204,046 units. Nearly all EU countries posted double or triple‐digit percentage gains, including the four major markets. Italy, among the first to impose restrictions as the pandemic emerged in 2020, recorded the highest increase (+215.3%), followed by France (+166.7%), Spain (+151.7%) and Germany (+34.2%).
During the first quarter of 2021, the EU commercial vehicle market expanded by 21.6%, with 501,703 units registered in total. These results were boosted by last month’s upturn. As a result, all key markets improved their cumulative performances, with France (+32.6%), Spain (+11.1%) and Germany (+4.9%) moving back into positive territory and Italy further consolidating its positive result (+38.0%).

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