Sustainable transport in Poland

As part of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK , an editorial series entitled "Sustainable transport in Poland" will be published in the "Rzeczpospolita" daily - on the pages " Economy and market" and service "Sustainable transport in Poland", under the honorary patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Polish Automotive Industry Association . The initiative aims to promote clean transport and zero-emission vehicles in Poland - areas that are part of the key activities of PZPM and its members. We invite you to follow publications under the links below:
18.09.23 Episode I: Green cars - prospects for development in Poland, what does the market look like, are Polish transport companies betting on zero-emission?
19.09.23 Episode II: Automotive/transport and emissions - the sector facing the balance of global emissions. What changes can we make to clean it up?
20.09.23 Episode III: Infrastructure - electric transport on a collective or individual basis requires charging stations. What is the stage of network development in Poland - how to change it?
21.09.23 Episode IV: Batteries - switching to electric means of transport means a surge in demand for batteries/batteries for vehicles; Will there be enough for everyone....
22.09.23 Episode V: World Car Free Day - how to successfully switch to zero-emission transport with environmental sustainability?

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