DEBATE on the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Polish Automobile Association

Debate on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Polish Automotive Industry Association on the future of the trucking industry in light of the latest proposals of the #European Commission to tighten the level of reduction of CO2 emissions in heavy transport.
Will there soon be only electric trucks and buses on our roads?
Will the end of internal combustion transport become a reality?
#JakubFaryś President of #PZPM and editor Ernest Bodziuch invite you to read the opinion of experts, but above all - practitioners of the automotive industry: Malgorzata Kulis, CEO of Volvo Trucks Poland and Wojciech Rowinski, CEO of Scania Poland.

Registration of buses - FEBRUARY 2023

We present you the registrations figures for BUSES in FEBRUARY 2023 Data are based on Central Register of Vehicles (CEP).

New buses -  February +6,1% y/y;  January - February 2023   (-19,7%)

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10 days of March 2023 - new registrations PC , LCV, CV and PTW

Cars and Trucks: PC +22,3%  LCV -25,0%  CV over 3.5t +35,6%

PTW:  MC +10,9% , MP +9,4%

Data are prepared by PZPM based on Central Register of Vehicles (CEP)

Overview of current registrations

PZPM - ACEA - New registrations of PC by fuel - February 2023

Passenger car registrations: +11.5% in February, battery electric 12.1% market share
Overview of current registrations

Automotive Market in Poland


First registrations of used Passenger Cars imported to Poland according to Central Register of Vehicles (Ministry of Digital Affairs) (Centralna Ewidencja Pojazdow) - FEBRUARY 2023 .

PZPM Automotive Industry Report

PZPM Automotive Industry Report 2022/2023

We present the PZPM Yearbook of Automotive Industry 2022/2023


  • Recycling

    Recycling of vehicles, a complex challenge

  • Environment

    The motor industry undertakes numerous measures to safeguard the environment and protect the quality of air. 

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