PZPM - GUS Motor Vehicle & Combustion Engines Production - APRIL 2022

Production of motor vehicles and engines for motor vehicles in Poland according to CSO data - APRIL 2023
APRIL vehicle production data published by the CSO are slightly less positive than a month earlier but still higher compared to the same month of 2022 in the truck and bus segments (+49.2% y/y) and (+2.6%), respectively. Passenger cars fell slightly in comparison with last April (-0.8% y/y).  An increase in production is also observed for internal combustion car engines )+36.4% y/y).
In April, the number of passenger cars produced amounted to 24.2 thousand units, down 0.2 thousand units from a year earlier. (-0.8% y/y). Compared to February this year, the increase was 19.6%. On a cumulative basis, production in January-April this year increased by 27.5% y/y to 95.9 thousand cars. The benchmark, however, was very low.
Last month, truck production remained at a high level with 24,642 units. The result obtained is lower than the month before by 19.6% m/m but higher than that obtained in April 2022 by 8,129 units. (+49.2% y/y). In the first four months of 2023, the increase was 81.4% y/y to 98,222 units.
Bus production totalled 438 units in April, which means 2.6% y/y increase. However, compared to March this year, it is down by 56 units. (-11.3%m/m). In January-April this year, there was an increase of 9.5% y/y to 1,736 units.
Production of engines for motor vehicles reached 210,000 units, 36.4% y/y more than in the same month last year.  Diesel engines account for about 85% of that figure. Compared to the previous month, 27 thousand fewer engines were assembled at Polish plants (-11.4%). Cumulatively in January-April 2023, 835tys of engines left the assembly lines, 33.8% more than in the same period of 2022.

Passenger cars:   April -0,8% y/y ; Jan-April : +27,5% y/y

LCV and CV over 3.5t including truck tractors: April : +49,2% y/y;  Jan - April : +81,4% y/y

Vehicles for public transport - buses: April  +2,6%y/y ; Jan - April: +9,5% y/y

Cumbustion engines for vehicles:   April: +36,4% y/y ; Jan-April: +33,8% y/y

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