PZPM - ACEA - EU registrations results of PC - NOVEMBER 2022

Passenger car registrations: -6.1% eleven months into 2022; + 16.3% in November

In November 2022 , the EU new passenger car market posted another strong uplift (+16.3%), the fourth in a row this year. Nevertheless – with 829,527 units sold – last month’s volumes remained well below the pre-pandemic levels of November 2019, when 1 million cars were registered. Most of the region’s markets contributed positively to this overall growth, including the four largest ones. The strongest increase was observed in Germany (+31.4%), followed by Italy (+14.7%), Spain (+10.3%) and France (+9.8%) – which also had solid gains.
Eleven months into 2022 , new passenger car registrations across the European Union were 6.1% lower compared to the same period last year. Despite the recent strong results, declines generated from January to July were enough to drag down the year-to-date performance. Among the region’s four key markets, Italy recorded the weakest result so far this year (-11.6%), followed by France (-8.7%), Spain (-4.4%) and Germany (-2.4%).

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