PZPM - ACEA - EU registrations results of PC - JUNE '2022

Passenger car registrations: -14.0% five months into 2022; -15.4% in June

In June 2022 , passenger car registrations continued their downward trend in the European Union (-15.4%), as supply chain issues continue to limit vehicle output. With 886,510 units registered, this is the lowest month of June on record (in terms of volume) since 1996. All four major EU markets contributed to the fall. Germany posted the strongest decline (-18.1%), followed by Italy (-15.0%) and France (-14.2%). Spain on the other hand saw a more modest decline (-7.8%).

Over the first half of 2022 , new car registrations in the EU shrank by 14.0% compared to one year earlier, totalling around 4.6 million units. All of the region’s major markets recorded double-digit drops: Italy (-22.7%), France (-16.3%), Germany (-11.0%) and Spain (-10.7%).

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