PZPM - ACEA - EU registrations results of PC - February '2022

Passenger car registrations: -6.4% first two months of 2022; -6.7% in February

In February 2022, new passenger car registrations in the European Union contracted further (-6.7%), as car manufacturers continue to face supply chain disruptions. With 719,465 units sold across the EU, this was the weakest result in terms of volumes for the month of February since records began. The four key markets in the region posted mixed results. Italy and France recorded double digit losses (-22.6% and -13.0% respectively), while Spain and Germany saw growth (+6.6% and +3.2% respectively).
From January to February 2022, total registrations of new cars in the European Union declined by 6.4% compared to the same period last year. Again, looking at the four largest markets, Italy saw the largest drop (-21.1%), followed by France (-15.7%). On the other hand, markets in both Germany (+5.6%) and Spain (+4.2%) continued to expand.
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