PZPM - GUS Motor Vehicle & Combustion Engines Production - NOVEMBER 2023

Production of motor vehicles and engines for motor vehicles in Poland according to CSO data - DECEMBER 2023

According to the latest data published by the Central Statistical Office (CSO), PRODUCTION OF MOTOR VEHICLES in Poland in DECEMBER 2023 recorded lower results in all vehicle segments than in November 2023.
On the other hand, the results generated were higher than in the corresponding month of 2023 for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and trucks above 3.5t by 16.0% and 16.2% y-o-y, respectively,
In December, bus production recorded a 29.3% year-on-year decline.
Last December's production of internal combustion engines amounted to 154,000 units, 31.9% lower m/m than in November.  Compared to December 2022. the result was higher by 30 units. (+35% y/y)
y/y change: December +16.0% y/y; January-December: +17.3% y/y
Last month, 18.9k passenger cars were produced, 2.6k more (+16.0% y/y) than in December 2022 and 8.8k less (-31.8% m/m) than the month before.
During the whole of 2023, a total of 299.3k cars rolled off the production lines, 44.2k more than in 2022 . . which represents an increase of 17.3% y-o-y .

y/y change: December +16.2% y/y; January-December: +37.9% y/y
Production of trucks and vans reached 25,704 units last month, a year-on-year increase of 5,820 units (-23.4%m/m).
Since the beginning of the year, 308,458 vehicles have been delivered. The result achieved is higher by 84,793 units. (+37.9% y/y) compared with last year.

y/y change: December +29.3% y/y; January-December: +1.3% y/y
The result of 425 buses produced in December is lower than last year's figure by 176 units. (-29.3% y/y).
Compared to November this year, it is 130 units less (-23.4% y-o-y).
During 2023, 5,124 buses were produced in Poland, by 64 units. (+1.3%) more than in the whole of 2022.

y/y change: December +35.1% y/y ; January-December: +20.9% y/y
In December, production of internal combustion vehicle engines ended at 154 thousand units. This is an increase of 40 thousand units. (+35.1% y/y) than in the same month in 2022.  The result produced is lower than the previous month by 72,000 (-31.9% m/m).
A total of 2, 371 thousand engines were produced in 2023, up by 410 thousand. (+20.9% y/y) more than in 2022, including 2, 2059 thousand diesel engines and 312 thousand petrol engines.

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